Four tourists with their guide walking around the incredible archaeological site of Ollantaytambo and learning all about its history.

Super Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour

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Discover the best of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Chinchero - Moray - Maras Salt Mines - Urubamba - Ollantaytambo - Pisac - Pisac Artisan Market
Meals Icon
Buffet Lunch Meals
Group Size Icon
Up to 12 People Group Size
Max. Altitude Icon
3,762 m / 12,343 ft Max. Altitude
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Easy Difficulty

Are you ready for an adventure and cultural trip? If so, the VIP Sacred Valley tour is just what you're looking for. This exciting tour will take you through some of the most significant Inca Empire archaeological sites, where you can experience their culture and history firsthand while enjoying stunning Peruvian landscapes.

From ancient ruins and circular crop terraces, to the Maras Salt Mines and the traditional Pisac market, each destination will provide you with an exciting and fascinating adventure. Alongside your expert guide, you'll have the opportunity to explore mysterious archaeological sites, learn about the wool weaving process, and discover the ancient salt extraction technique that is still practiced. Additionally, you'll enjoy a delicious buffet lunch in Urubamba and have the chance to buy handicrafts at the traditional Pisac market. Join this exciting adventure and discover the best of the Sacred Valley!

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Do you want to get out of the city and visit the most significant archaeological sites of the Inca Empire? The VIP Sacred Valley tour is the perfect opportunity to experience the culture and history of the ancient Incas and appreciate some of Peru's most impressive landscapes.

This amazing excursion will take you to the most important places in the Sacred Valley, from exploring ancient ruins and circular terraced cultivation to visiting the Maras Salt Mines and the traditional market of Pisac. Each of these destinations will offer you an exciting adventure that you will not easily forget.

You will start your day with a visit to the picturesque town of Chinchero, where you can explore ancient Inca constructions and learn about the process of wool weaving. Next, you will see the mysterious agricultural terraces of Moray while listening to your guide's explanation. You will discover the 3,000 salt pools at the Maras Salt Mines and take photographs in this amazing place. In addition, you will learn about the ancient salt extraction process that has remained unchanged over the centuries.

We will stop in Urubamba, an excellent place to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and try the best typical dishes of the area. Later, we will climb up to the fortress of Ollantaytambo to observe the Inca's skill in their architecture and walk through the cobbled streets of this living Inca town. To finish this complete tour of the Sacred Valley, we will arrive in Pisac, where we will explore its impressive archaeological site and the famous Inca cemetery, considered the largest in America. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to buy crafts and take some of the best memories of your trip home from the traditional market of Pisac.

With the help of your expert guide and the warm climate of the valley, this excursion will allow you to immerse yourself in the history of the Incas and enjoy stunning views that will be etched in your memory forever. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy one of the best tourist experiences in Cusco!


  • Explore the Inca ruins of the archaeological site of Chinchero, discover the weaving women, and learn about the textile production process, a tradition that dates back several generations.
  • Enjoy stunning views as you tour the Sacred Valley. Watch locals going about their daily activities and the numerous local products grown in the fields.
  • Explore the famous site of Moray and observe its large amphitheater-like agricultural terraces that have been used since the Incas.
  • Walk through the incredible site of Ollantaytambo and learn all about its history.
  • Enjoy the extensive complex of Pisac, which features countless impressive examples of Inca architecture.
  • Stroll through the picturesque Pisac market and observe how locals keep traditional culture alive.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

Cusco | Chinchero - Moray - Maras Salt Mines - Urubamba - Ollantaytambo - Pisac - Pisac Artisan Market - Cusco

Highlight of the day: Get to know the Sacred Valley of the Incas from beginning to end.

Discover the most significant Inca sites in the Sacred Valley

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Buffet Lunch Meals
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We will pick you up early from your hotel and head to Chinchero, a picturesque village in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in private transportation. Here, you'll be able to explore ancient walls and Inca ruins and learn about its fascinating history. Then, we will go to Moray's famous circular cultivation terraces, where the Incas experimented with different crops and agricultural techniques. After that, we will visit the Maras Salt Mines, where one of the world's finest salts is extracted and used by the Incas for consumption.

After enjoying a delicious buffet lunch of typical Peruvian dishes in Urubamba, we will go to Ollantaytambo, known as the "last living Inca city," and visit its extensive archaeological site surrounded by impressive mountain peaks and colorful valleys. Our next destination is Pisac, where we will visit its archaeological site. Then, we will enter the traditional Pisac market to buy crafts and take with you the best memories of this fantastic trip. Finally, we will return to Cusco in our private transportation to take a break after this exciting tour full of culture and history.

We will begin our exciting adventure early at 7:00 am, departing in our private transportation to Chinchero, a picturesque village located in the Sacred Valley, where you can explore its ancient walls and Inca ruins, as well as learn about its fascinating history. Additionally, you will enjoy a small demonstration of handmade textile art by talented local women.

We will continue our journey towards the famous circular terraces of Moray, where it is believed that the Incas experimented with different crops and agricultural techniques. We will then head to the Maras Salt Mines, which is made up of more than 3,000 pools where some of the world's best salt is extracted to date. The Incas used this salt for consumption, and you can purchase this product to take home with you.

Later, we will stop in Urubamba for a delicious buffet lunch of typical Peruvian dishes. You will find a wide variety of options available, and it will be the perfect opportunity to try many of the region's traditional foods.

After lunch, we will continue to Ollantaytambo, the "last living Inca city." We will visit its unique and extensive archaeological site, which houses water sources, high terraces, temples, and much more. The archaeological site is surrounded by imposing mountain peaks, colorful valleys, and the view of a distant glacier—further proof of the impressive skills the Incas had in their architecture. You can walk its beautiful cobblestone streets and take incredible photographs while consulting with our expert guide on any questions about this Inca city.

Our next stop is Pisac, where we will explore its archaeological site. In fact, the Pisac complex is famous for its terraces that extend harmoniously from the base of the mountain to the top. You will also see the largest Inca cemetery and the Intihuatana of Pisac, famous for predicting the solstice and equinox that determined the agricultural calendar of the ancient culture. The most incredible thing about this Inca city is that it has the shape of a condor. Subsequently, we will enter the traditional market of Pisac to buy crafts and take with you the best memories of this fantastic trip.

Finally, we will return to Cusco in our transportation and leave you at your hotel for a well-deserved rest after an exciting day full of culture, history, and unique landscapes in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Why Travel with us


At Salkantay Trekking, we specify the included and non-included services under all the tour itineraries listed on our website. We take care of all the logistics, but please pay attention to the details to avoid missing anything. Some items may be different for specific programs, so please read carefully before booking with us.

What Is Included?

Permits & Entrance Tickets

  • Maras Salt Mines Ticket Entrance

High Quality Service & Safety

  • Experienced Tour Guide - All our guides have professionalism, experience, responsibility, seriousness and passion, which will make your trip safe and comfortable.

    English and spanish speaking official tour guide. All our guides are graduates of the professional career of Tourism of the National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco. We choose them for their professionalism, experience, responsibility, seriousness, unbridled passion for exploring, and sincere desire to proudly share in our culture and history. He or she will keep you safe, sound, and comfortable on your trek so that you can enjoy your time worry-free!

  • Medical Kit or First AID Kit - Our guides are trained to deal with basic emergencies.

    All Salkantay Trekking guides have received specialized training in first aid. We hold mandatory training sessions with our guides every February. Your guide will always carry a first aid kit to face basic emergencies (altitude sickness, travelers' diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, etc.) as well as oxygen. If necessary, we’ll evacuate you from the path as quickly as possible and ensure that you arrive at a clinic for treatment.

  • 24/7 Customer Service - We have 24 hours a day telephone service.

    We have telephone service available 24 hours/day for ease of communication with Salkantay Trekking leading up to your trek.


  • Buffet Lunch in Urubamba


  • Transport

    All your transportation is included in this package. We will pick you up from your hotel to explore the Sacred Valley. Once you complete the tour, we will take you back to the door of your hotel.

What Is Not Included?

  • Cusco Tourist Ticket

    This ticket is necessary and allows you admission to many of the most popular attractions in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, including archaeological sites and museums.

    • From PEN 70.00 (US$ 20.00) to PEN 150.00 (US$ 45.00) per person.
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for our staff

    Tipping is the norm on any excursion in Peru. Although we pay good salaries to our entire team, something extra is always welcome.

  • Additional costs or delays beyond our control

    Landslides, bad weather conditions, itinerary modifications due to a safety concern, illness, pandemia, government policy changes, political instability, strikes, act of God, etc.

  Before You Go

We want to make your trip to Peru as memorable and as carefree as possible. In this section, you’ll find the answers to all the questions you have about traveling with Salkantay Trekking in one place. Please read the following information carefully – it will help you with any questions about our services.

Can I store my luggage at your office?

Of course! During the trip, your main luggage can be stored at our office (you can organize it with us on the briefing day or by email) or at your hotel, both free of charge.

Any equipment that you won’t need on the trek can be stored safely in your hotel. Nearly every hotel will provide this service. Don’t leave items of value with your bags; put them in the hotel safe and obtain an itemized receipt (in the unlikely case of theft, many insurance companies require that you have a copy of the receipt itemizing everything). It’s best to put items such as credit cards inside a sealed, signed envelope for extra peace of mind.

Pick up of guests

Please note:

  • All pickups are within Cusco City, but we recommend booking a hotel in the historic center for its convenient location.
  • Our guide or staff will confirm the pickup time the day before the tour.
  • Due to traffic conditions, the pickup time may vary between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • Cusco is an old city and has many narrow cobbled streets. Some hotels and Airbnbs are located on streets without car access or on long, steep slopes, making it difficult to transport luggage. For such reasons, we strongly advise you to book accommodation with good access.

Strikes and demonstrations

Strikes and demonstrations are common in Peru, and this may interrupt some of our tours. Roads can be blocked, and train tracks can be taken over. However, we will try to keep your trip as originally planned, even if it means leaving the night before the scheduled date.

Under these circumstances, tours may also be canceled. In case of changes or cancellations, everything will be coordinated with you by our operations department. Your safety is our highest priority, and our decisions will be made to protect it.

Lost objects

Please pay attention to where you leave your things and remember to take everything once you leave our transport or restaurant. You’re the only one responsible for your objects during the tour.

  Packing List



Valid Passport
Valid Passport
Extra money (recommended soles)
Extra money (recommended soles)
Personal medication
Personal medication
Water bottle or CamelBak
Water bottle or CamelBak
Sunblock: factor 70 or more
Sunblock: factor 70 or more


Light footwear or sandals
Light footwear or sandals
Warm jacket
Warm jacket
Waterproof jacket
Waterproof jacket
Raincoat or rain poncho
Raincoat or rain poncho
Sun hat to protect neck and face
Sun hat to protect neck and face
Neck gaiter or buff
Neck gaiter or buff
Sunglasses with UV protection
Sunglasses with UV protection


Medium trekking backpack (15 - 25 liter)
Medium trekking backpack (15 - 25 liter)


Camera and charger
Camera and charger
Power bank
Power bank

The "Super Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour" can leave any day of the week, the whole year.

2024 Land Cost

Group Price: US$ 130.00 per person

This small-group journey is guaranteed to operate with just two guests.

Notice that PayPal charges a fee of 5%, which we ask the client to cover since it's due to the use of its service. This tax is just for online deposits.

Price Guarantee

Once your booking has been confirmed, we guarantee the price won’t increase, whatever the circumstances. So please, before booking, ensure you’ve read all our important tour information.

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Note |  Due to the rainy season and trail maintenance, we don't offer this trek during the whole month of february. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, we are working to provide you a better service!

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