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Cleaning Campaign "Salkantay te quiero limpio."


We work in the respect and care of nature - We protect the environment.

For us, Salkantay and its surroundings are not only our work space, but also our home. For this reason, we work to take care of the environment, showing our respect, gratitude and carrying out annual cleaning campaigns in the Salkantay area (Soraypampa - Santa Teresa).

Every year, our company and its members promote the cleaning campaign "Salkantay te quiero limpio" on the main route to the snowy Salkantay.

This activity has the participation of approximately 200 collaborators, among them all the office members, guides, cooks, muleteers, drivers, and porters, who collect garbage along the entire route.

The cleaning campaign is presided over by General Manager and founder of Salkantay Trekking, Edgar Catunta Guillén, and is carried out in respect to the commitment to care for the environment.

It is a great initiative that we have been carrying out for several years in Salkantay Trekking; for that reason, counting on this successful experience, we also support and have continuous participation in other cleanup campaigns in Cusco.

Learn about the objectives we achieve with our campaign:

  • Reduce the amount of garbage on the Salkantay route and its surroundings, especially common areas and scenic trails.
  • Promote respect for social property.
  • Encourage active participation in the neighboring communities of Salkantay, as well as in the people who work with this tourist destination: porters, guides, cooks, among others.
  • Promote environmental awareness in neighboring communities and camps.
  • To value the importance of individual actions and omissions, coherence, and respect for the work of others.
  • To be able to share responsibilities, assume commitments, and cooperate in cleaning and recycling in Salkantay.
  • Facilitate a pleasant working environment and good relations in Salkantay.

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