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Andean Huts - Ecological Campsites

A Choza is a Shelter or Campsite which was constructed both in mountainous areas and in rural areas, and it was used by shepherds and farmers to stay overnight together with their flocks or to protect themselves during inclement weather during their labors as rural farmers. Through the night, you are guaranteed protection from freezing nights and a nice rest.
As in the times of our ancestors, our commitment is with the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the mountains. Our campsites (ANDEAN HUTS) are adapted to the natural environment without generating any audiovisual impact.
Our company has a foundation of the responsible and sustainable tourism criteria, and for this reason, we carry as a principle the following slogan.

 “Responsible and sustainable tourism is the best way to see the world”


  • Diminish the visual contamination of traditional tents of different brands and colors.
  • Imitate the natural environment in the campsites.
  • Improve the level of service of campsites for the travel agencies which operate their groups in the Salkantay trail.
  • Provide higher comfort for our visitors.
  • Protect clients from inclement weather. With this project, they wil feel less of the cold in freezing or rainy times.
  • Through Chozas Salkantay, we seek to recuperate the traditions of our ancestors which are continually being lost.


  • Shared Responsibility: Active participation of the local community inhabitants in elaboration of every campsite.
  • Made of base materials of the area: Ichu (straw) and sticks
  • A project involving various companies in 2018 project is already being planned
  • The Santa Teresa Municipality has this project on the calender as one of their 2018 works, and in this way, we will be able to standardize the campsites
  • No further investment is required.

Andean Huts