100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are the ONLY agency in Perú who stands behind their service with a Guarantee. We understand your vacation time is valuable. You work hard to earn your time away, so your vacation should be EASY and enjoyable. Our commitment is to deliver you the vacation of a lifetime—one that is full of fantastic memories and stories you will be telling for years.

Our promise to you is simple:

If you run into any issues during your vacation with us, WE GUARANTEE they will be resolved to the best of our ability within 24 hours. If we fail to meet this commitment, you will receive a full refund for the specific items with which you were not satisfied. My favorite stories involve situations where the vacation didn’t go perfectly, but our team was able to resolve the situation in a way that exceeded our clients’ expectations.

In essence, that’s the real value of the service we provide—we understand that you are here to get away and experience an adventure so we are here to help ensure this under all circumstances.

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