Exclusive Salkantay Campsites

MOUNTAIN SKY HUT - Under the deep blue sky

Feel in your every cell the perfect union of heaven and earth. Sleep peacefully under the deep blue sky, in the middle of the Humantay and Salkantay Mountain. At the same time, enjoy all the carefree comforts and services of a high-class holiday home....

Salkantay Campsites

CHOZAS SALKANTAY - Authentic Andean Campsites

This year, our company has implemented a variety of services, including our authentic Andean campsites, to set us apart from any other company offering the Salkantay route. In providing the best service out there, we have built our authentic Andean campsites to offer private camping grounds to and for our customers only. But that’s not all, besides offering private camping, these tents have been designed in consideration of the Pachamama (Mother Earth). Our tents (chozas) are made of natural materials such as ichu (Peruvian feather grass) and wood only, and were built in such manner as to not disturb the surrounding environment in any major way. They also guarantee protection during cold nights and a pleasant rest for anyone staying in them. 

Our authentic Andean campsites were built not only to provide the very best to our customers, but also as a clear example of our commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism
Simply put:

"We believe Responsible Tourism is a BETTER Way to see the WORLD."

Salkantay Campsites


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Under the deep blue sky
mountain sky hut