Salkantay Trek FAQs.

Here are the frequently asked questions by our clients. Before making us a general inquiry please read this page carefully along with our Salkantay trekking information and Peru travel information pages.

Salkantay Trek FAQs

How cold are the salkantay campsites?

Cusco has a mild temperate climate, with dry winters, and warm summers
Over the course of the year the temperature typically varies from 1 degrees celsius to 21 degrees celsius. The day temperature does not drop much when we are higher than cusco, it drops late in the afternoon, or it suddendly drops when the sun is gone, and then gets cloudy and windy.

The first campsite is at (3,880 mt), and experiences a sudden change of the weather, and drop of the temperature, the folllowing campsites, including aguas calientes are located much lower, we do not to get worried about cold, not even in the case of rain.

What type of hotel does salkantay trekking use for their trek?

At Salkantay Trekking, we always offer Vista Machu Picchu and Kantu inn Hotel. These hotels offer comfortable beds, hot water for showering, and a buffet breakfast. NOTE: We guarantee these hostals per the itinerary if you book your trek in 2 months in advance, otherwise we may be forced to offer substitutes. if the client want to book luxury hotel, you get a discount of the company for the hotel.

Can I upgrade the hostel in Aguas Calientes?
There are two way to upgrade your accomodation in Aguas Calientes: 
1.) Tell us what type hotel are interesting in book.
We can upgrade your hotel to one these hotels, please click here.
2.) Book your own accomodation. Important: In both of the alternatives we will give a $15 discount per person and you can use this money to upgrade your accommodation.

How many days do i need to acclimate before the trek?

It is recommended two days of acclimatisation, which includes not doing much physical effort, having an amount of food (the digestion goes slowly at higher elevations). You must have light food, and hot drinks (coca tea) with the meals, specially the two first days, plus a good rest, these help a lot to cop with the altitude sickness symptons.

What is the best thing to do in the event of altitude sickness?

Our guides are trained to assists you in case of acute mountain sickness, they carry an oxigen bottle, and first aid kit, however you can take your personal medication, especially for a headache, stomache, and plasters.

What is the maximum group size?

The maximum group size on any of our treks is 10 people.
We considerate 10 persons is have better comunication and atettion with the guide. 

Is there a minimum group size? 
What happens if Salkantay Trekking does not meet the minimum size?
We require just 2 persons to depart. During the last 5 years Salkantay Trekking has always managed to meet the minimum group size for all of our departure dates and have never had to cancel any group departures or have to combine with any other trekking company or accept clients from any other trekking company in Cusco. 

However if in the event that we do not reach the minimum required number of persons we reserve the right to combine our clients with another trekking company of similar or higher cost. Unlike many other trekking agencies, including some of the most expensive, we will not re-sell your trek to a cheaper, inferior company.

There will be NO trek surcharge when combining with a more expensive trekking company as Salkantay Trekking will accept responsibility for this extra cost. However we cannot guarantee that trekking staff used by other companies will receive the same treatment and high pay as provided by Salkantay Trekking, although we do our best.

Where can I change money after arriving in Cusco - Peru?

After arrival at Cusco (Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport), money changing services are available right there at the airport. It is best to change only a small amount there as better money rates are found in the city. Perhaps you will want to change enough to offer tips to the airport escort and driver as you wish. Cusco also has an extensive selection of ATM machines, however, they often limit the transaction and daily amount for withdrawal. 

As a single trekker, may I join one of Salkantay Trekking’s fixed departure programs?

Yes, of course! We usually have single trekkers on each and every one of our group departures. It is a great way to get to know fellow travelers and most people find that the group dynamics are very friendly and comforting. Logistically, single trekkers will share rooms and tents with other single trekkers of the same sex on our group journeys.

What happens if I suffer from altitude illness or have a health problem?

Before each trek, we have a group meeting that outlines the detailed information on altitude illness and awareness, and our staff is highly trained to be on the lookout out for all its signs and symptoms. Each trekking itinerary has also been arranged to allow for proper adjustment to the trails and heights given the timetable and elevations gained along the way.

We have designed each trek with your health in mind first and foremost, and we take a sensible and safe rate of climb. We have much experience in planning ahead of time to cover safety and health measures along the way and are prepared for any situations that might arise.

We carry our own standard First Aid kit and supplies with us on each trek. We also recommend that you bring your own supplies and medicines as needed and please inform us of pre-existing medical conditions and advisories from your physician before your arrival to Peru, and please let us know your blood group in the event of an emergency.

What is the best way to get in shape for the trip?

The best way to get fit for the trip is to arrive in Cuzco 2 days before to acclimatize to the altitude and enjoy doing the rounds that the city offers. It would also be necessary that you try to walk with similar distances up and down the aerobics in a gym can also be of great help but it will not replace a march in real conditions for hours on a path that simulates real conditions road. 
Will also be a good time to verificate his walking equipment, clothes and walking shoes for what fit your foot and that you have no problem halfway.

What are the cancellation terms and conditions?

The Salkantay Trekking reserves the right to cancel trips. If this is the case a full refund of the amount paid will be given, including the deposit. The Salkantay Trekking Company is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by preparing for the trip (for example: non-refundable advance purchase air tickets, clothing, equipment, visa fees, medical expenses, etc.).. Please see our Terms and Conditions for specific details on cancellations and refunds.

How do I prepare for the high mountain treks?

There are no other ways to acclimate to the altitude by gradually going there. Our routes have been carefully crafted to allow a gradual acclimatization once it passes the 3,000m. The altitude sickness can affect the most experienced excursionists as easily as the less experienced. Once, on the road, the recommendation is to drink enough to prevent dehydration. As a precautionary measure in our highest treks, we bring oxygen bottles secour and a portable altitude camera.

What camping equipment do I need?

Camping equipment varies according to the month you decide to make the trek. There, Cuzco has 2 distinct seasons (rainy season and the cold season), a day before the trek, the designated guide will give you the information needed for the trek. For more details, visit our website where we give you the most information.

Do I need walking sticks?

This is a personal preference, some people need specially during treks with many ascents and descents. Others opt to find on the way. If you have hips, ankles or knees weak, the use of these sticks could be quite necessary help.


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