Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Salkantay Trekking has all the legal permits and licenses to work on the adventures activities on the mountain, as well we are certificate by local mayor and country authorities to ensure the health and safety of all visitors, tourism is highly regulated in Peru – Cusco.
Before booking your trip with any trekking and travel company, the most important to confirm that the company is legally registered with the governmental authorities and other authorized travel associations in Peru.

Along the country side is open many tourism business supposedly are legal and have license to provide the good service more than of then are empirically, we recommended visit the link of the minister of tourism to know it is the right company for your journeys. Likewise, some trekking and travel companies based outside of Peru attempt to do business in Cusco without proper licensing and without paying taxes and other fees imposed by the Government.

These illegal operators create significant risks for the traveler if these company no pay taxes how to provide you safety and fun trek on the countryside.
To protect yourself from unscrupulous operators be sure to ask the following questions before booking your trip. 

  • Is the company registered by government authorities?
  • Is the company insured against accidents happening to their staff?
  • If the guide is certificate on the wilderness course and mountain rescue?
  • Is the company environmentally conscious?
  • Is the company is part of the tourism adventures associations?
  • Is the Company clear of back taxes to the state?

We are a company specialist and expert doing mountain activities, and we committed to making your holiday safe and enjoyable.

Proper government authorities: Salkantay trekking is a well-known government-licensed trekking and travel company in Peru. Please see copies of all legally required documents and certificates below.
Even after to register on the government minister is not enough for a trek company, we must be need to certificate by tourism adventures associations, that’s need a minimum of four year and have a reputable reputation on the Peruvian tourism industry.

Highlights of the company: Salkantay Trekking  is committed to maintaining our integrity, living our values and ensuring that we're fulfilling the core purpose of our business. This being, to operate in a responsible manner, incorporating the principles of sustainable development in the way we provide our travellers with real life experiences on the mountains. However, these values are more than just words on a page; they are ingrained in the culture and daily operations and tour. In addition, we expect our staff and travellers to demonstrate the principles of responsible travel - respecting people, cultures and local environments; in the distribution of wealth; in good will and cross-cultural sharing; and in contributing to sustainable development.


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