Salkantay Trek Classic Tour Duration 07 Days

Salkantay & Inca Trail

  • Experience the two most famous treks to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu
  • Sky Lodge Salkantay
  • Exclusive Camp - Salkantay
  • Salkantay Trek
  • Sky Lodge Salkantay
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  • Before:
    USD $ 1200.00
  • Now:
    USD $ 1000.00
Tour Style: Classic
Accommodation Grade: Hostel
Tour Type: Small Groups
Trek Grade: Moderate to Challenging

Daily distance in km/miles:
Day 1: 12 km  
Day 2: 13 km  
Day 3: 14 km      
Day 4: 14 km      
Day 5: 16 km        
Day 6: 9 km
Day 7: Machu Picchu
guided group
private adventure available
Min: 2400m Max: 5000m
Activity Level


Trip at a glance


"We are considered by many to be the leading experts on authentic trekking experiences at a competitive price & service. We always go the extra mile to provide you with the utmost satisfaction during your adventure and our belief is that responsible tourism is a better way to see the world."


In the tourism industry of Cusco, there are a vast number of achievements and awards used to recognize the best operators and service providers in the region. Among these exists the award for Tourism Quality in the region of Cusco, which is meant to recognize the very best in the tourism industry. Salkantay Trekking was proudly nominated for said award and later chosen as the Best Adventure Tourism Agency of the region of 2016. For more information on Our Awards


  • The Salkantay Trek is listed among the 25 best treks in the world by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine.
  • The Salkantay Trek is definitely one of the best hiking adventures that you will find in Peru.
  • After the Inca Trail the Salkantay Trek is the second most popular trek to Machu Picchu, and a lot less crowded.
  • The hike alongside the magnificent Apu Salkantay and the arrival at the ruins of Machu Picchu is one of the best experiences known to mankind.
  • See natural bridges, snowcapped mountains, cascades, wildlife and cloud forests.
  • Camping with less people to make your own trip and have the best look on these incredible mountains.

Trip Itinerary

Ideal for:

  • Adventure seekers
  • Couples
  • Friends
  • Nature lovers
  • Intrepid people.
  • Families


The 7 Day Inca Trail offers tourists the chance to enjoy a mix of both the Salkantay Trek and the Inca Trail combined. Starting on the Salkantay Trek the route diverges just before Salkantay Pass and instead goes over the Incachiriaska Pass (Frozen Inca Pass) which leads you down to the village of Wayllabamba where you join the Inca Trail and continue on to Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate.

ITINERARY - Day by Day

1 Cusco – Mollepata - Challacancha - Soraypampa(Humantay Lake).

We start the day with picking you up at your hotel or hostel at 05:00 am. We’ll drive for around 4 hours, crossing Anta, Mollepata and end up at Challancha. Through the windows of the bus you can clearly see the white snowcapped mountains of Salkantay and Huamantay: the holy Gods of the Incas. But also the spectacular scenery of the higher situated areas and the lower valleys with colorful landscapes. After two hours driving there will be a quick stop in Mollepata town. At Mollepata there are toilet facilities, souvenirs shops and an optional short breakfast. When this short break is over we will soon continue to Challacancha, which is the start of our trail. There we will meet with our support staff. The staff will organize all the equipment, horses and mules. Around 9:30 am. we will start our trek to Soraypampa (3850 MASL – 12631 ft). The first section of the path is a hike over a few deep valleys. At some parts of the trail the old water channel can still be seen. The channel still supplies water to the farmers in the lower valleys. The beginning of the trek is 7km (4.35miles) hiking in 3 hours to Soraypampa, where we will have our lunch at the basecamp. After the lunch and a quick nap we continue hiking up to the Humantay Lake (4200 MASL – 13779 ft). This is a 5km (3.1miles) round trip which we will walk in a total of 3 hours. At the Humantay Lake the bottom of the glacier can be seen, and also the most spectacular views of the background with the valley at sunset. Soraypampa is located in the middle of the glacier valleys and at night the sky is so immensely clear that we can really appreciate the stars, constellations and even shooting stars.

Walking Distance – 12km / 7.45 miles
Starting Elevation – 3350 meters / 12477 feet
Highest Elevation – 4600 meters / 15090 feet
Campsite Elevation – 3850 meters / 12477 feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Meals: Lunch, Dinner (Snack and afternoon tea)
Accommodation: Camping
Adventure: Absolutely, completely satisfactory

2 Soraypampa - Salkantaypampa - Pampa Japonesa.

Early wake up today, we start a gently uphill to Salkantaypampa, as we enjoy the views of the second highest mountain in Cusco. As we ascend we make stops on the way to enjoy the outstanding mountain scenery of the Vilcabamba range. After lunch we gradually ascend to our campsite (Pampa Japonesa) with more incredible views of Salkantay.

Walking Distance – 13km
Highest Elevation – 4000 meters
Difficulty: Moderate
Meals: Lunch, Dinner (Snack and afternoon tea)
Accommodation: Camping
Adventure: Absolutely, completely satisfactory

3 Pampa Japonesa - Sisaypampa - Canal Inca.

Today we ascend the last stretch to the pass (Inca chiriasca, 5,338mt). Be amazed about the incredible forthcoming views of Salkantay. From the pass, we make our way down to Lunch (Sisaypampa), where the highest Andean rodent (Chinchilla) come into sight. After lunch we keep heading down, and as we are nearly the campsite, the valley narrows, and the river becomes a canal. Campsite at Inca canal

Walking Distance – 14km
Highest Elevation – 5000 meters
Campsite Elevation – 3750 meters
Difficulty: Moderate
Meals: Lunch, Dinner (Snack and afternoon tea)
Accommodation: Camping
Adventure: Absolutely, completely satisfactory

4 Canal Inca - Huayllabamba - Ayapata.

We start for a 3-hour steep downhill to the Inca remains of Inkaracay (also known as Paucarcancha). It is a well-worth exploring Inca remains. Afterwards, we continue heading down to the small village of Huayllabamba, where we join the traditional Inca Trail, and make a lunch stop, where we subsequently head up to our campsite, through an abrupt ascent, but scenic route. Campsite at Ayapata.

Walking Distance – 14 km / 8.6 miles
Campsite Elevation – 3000 meters
Maximum Altitude: 3750 meters 
Difficulty: Moderate.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Snack and afternoon tea)
Accommodation: Camping
Adventure: Absolutely

5 Ayapata - Llulluchapampa - Pacaymayo - Chaquicocha

Today we reach the highest point on the Inca Trail (dead woman pass) (Warmihuañusca) (4200m/13776ft). A two-hour descent gets us to Pacaymayo valley (3600m/11808ft) where we lunch, and then we continue up to the second pass (Runkurakay (3970m/13022ft), stopping halfway to visit the impressively-located archaeological site of Runkurakay. Going over the pass, we descend towards Lake Yanacocha, and enter the cloud forest to arrive at Sayacmarca Inca remains (3624m/11887ft). Campsite at Chaquicocha (3400mt). 

Maximum Altitude: 4200 meters / 13776 feet
Campsite Elevation – 3600 meters
Distance: 16 km / 9.9 miles 
Considered: Difficult 
Weather: You will experience the 4 seasons all in just one day 
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Adventure: Absolutely

6 Chaquicocha - Wiñaywayna

Today we start out with an easy climb to the last pass, and Inca remains of the same name (Phuyupatamarca, 3700m/12136ft) with impressive views of the Urubamba River valley. Afterwards we descend to Wiñaywayna campsite (2650m/8692ft, which remains we visit after lunch.

Campsite Elevation – 2600 meters
Difficulty: Easy
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Adventure: Absolutely

7 The Most Important Day – Machu Picchu!

Early start down to the last campsite exit gate, where we wait in line until 5am, and subsequently, we start for an hour hike to the Sun Gate (Intipuncu). Arriving at the sun gate we feel jubilant, enjoying the views of Machupicchu. From the sun gate we head down to Machupicchu, with impressive views on the way down. After we register in Machupicchu, we sightsee, and explore the site. Afterwards, you can further explore the remains by yourself. If you signed up for Machupicchu, or Huaynapicchu Mountain, enjoy the outstanding views from the top looking down on Machupicchu. After lunch, and a well-deserved rest, we get back to Cusco.

Included & Not Included

Ideal for:

  • Adventure seekers
  • Couples
  • Friends
  • Nature lovers
  • Intrepid people.
  • Families

What is Included?

  • Pre-departure briefing: You will meet your guide and group in our office, for an orientation trek and provide you the duffle bags which will be carried by our horses. meeting at 7:00 PM the evening before the trip begins.
  • Transport: Collection from your hotel in the morning and transfer in private transportation to Challacancha (starting point of the trek).
  • Experienced Guide: English speaking professional and official tour guide.
  • Entrance fee to Machu Picchu.
  • Entrance fee to Inca Trail.
  • Personal tents: 2 people in each 4-people-capacity tent, to allow for higher comfort and a safe keeping of backpacks. Our tents are 3-season, highly maintained to ensure an excellent performance in field. Kailas, Pro aconcagua and Rei 4 Outfitter tents are employed when double accommodation is requested.
  • Camping equipment: Dining and kitchen tents, tables, chairs.
  • Foam mats or sleeping pads: to put under your sleeping bag (carried by horses)
  • Accommodation: 6 nights in tent
  • 1 Duffle Bag: Where you can put your personal belongings (7 kilograms = 15 lbs) which includes your sleeping bag.
  • Porters: We include your personal porter who is responsible for carrying your duffel with your personal items. There is no additional fee for this. We will give you your duffel bag at your briefing the night before and this should be filled with the things you need for night and the next day. You will not have access to your duffel until your evening campsite.
  • Trekking Cook: In charge to prepared all the meals along the journey, over 6 people cook assistant
  • Meals: 6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 6 dinners and Snacks (Vegetarian, vegan or special menus are available at no extra cost)
  • Wake up tea: Every morning at the campsite we will wake you up with a cup of coca tea our support staff will bring the coca tea to your tent in order to wake you up.
  • Tea time = Happy Hour: Every afternoon 1 hour before dinner the cooks will let on the dining table pop-corn, biscuits, coffee, chocolate, different type of teas, hot water, etc. this is because after a day of hiking many are hungry and it is a bit annoying to wait till dinner that why we provide tea time.
  • Daily snacks - Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: Our Snacks consist of local fruits, biscuits, chocolate, Caramels we will give this snack at the beginning of each day trek in a cloth bag to avoid environmental contamination.
  • One textile snack bag per person: to avoid the usage of plastic bags that contaminate our environment
  • Water grooming: Each morning warm water with towel
  • 1 Blanket or Liner
  • 1 Pillow per person
  • Medical kit: Our crew bring the First-aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle
  • Train tickets: From Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo (Expedition service at 18:20 hrs)
  • Transport: Transfer from Ollantaytambo Train Station to hotel in Cusco(Day 7)
  • 24-h guest service: please ask for the emergency number available during your time of visit
  • Light-Weight plastic rain poncho
  • We will create a the trip of a Memorable Lifetime Experience for you.
  • We are Direct operators & local owners with the best trekking team on the hike.

Not Included:

  • Entrance fee to Salkantay Trail (S/.10 per person)
  • Sleeping Bags: (you can hire from our company), our sleeping bags are -18ºC-comfort (0ºF), mummy form and include a sleeping liner. They are cleaned after every use and have a maximum usage of 30 trips.
  • Walking Sticks: you can hire from our company
  • Last Day: Lunch and Dinner in Aguas Calientes.
  • Personal clothing and gear.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Tips for our staff: please note that our agency staff is well paid so please feel free to tip or not as you wish.
  • Additional costs or delays caused by management out of control like landscape,  bad weather condition,  in case of itinerary modification with a view to safety concern, illness,  change of government policy, political instability raises strike, moment etc.

Thank you for choosing Salkantay Trekking! We will do everything within our means to take care of you and ensure an enjoyable trip of a lifetime in Peru!



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Exclusive Campsite

MOUNTAIN SKY LODGE - Under the deep blue sky

Feel in your every cell the perfect union of heaven and earth. Sleep peacefully under the deep blue sky, in the middle of the Humantay and Salkantay Mountain. At the same time, enjoy all the carefree comforts and services of a high-class holiday home....

Salkantay Campsites

Hiking Team


Our Tour Guides

tour guides Your tour will be led by a trained and highly experienced professional with a very solid guiding background, years of hiking and wilderness experience, medical certifications, and a passion for leading people into unforgettable adventures.
They never stop learning so that they can be the best possible guides. They all speak English and of course they also speak Spanish and even Quechua, the Incan Language. They are all able to communicate with natives from around the area and will have lots of history to share with you. Check out the Meet Our Team page for staff bios.

Our Cooks

our cooks After a challenging trek we know how important a good hot meal can be to prepare your body and warm you up. That’s why on every trek with Salkantay Trekking we employ chefs with years of experience cooking on the trails so that they provide filling and nutritious meals using fresh ingredients and a variety of flavors.
Every chef prepares different meals depending on what food is available. ...More info.

Meals: What to Expect

Meals on the hike All of our hiking tours include a diversity of tasty meals packed full of critical carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We carry foods that travel well in the backcountry – rice, pastas, lentils, beans, couscous, packaged meats, nuts, breads, oatmeal, granola, and more.
For optimal taste and energy, we supplement all our meals with spices, herbs, oils, cheeses, butter, sugar, fruits and vegetables (fresh and dried). In addition, we provide you with an assortment of trail mix, snacks, and dried fruits to eat at your own discretion.
We regularly accommodate vegan, vegetarian, kosher and non-gluten diets and will make adjustments for food allergies. These and other special dietary requests may require an additional fee. ...More info.

Our Horseman and Horses

Our Horseman and Horses Our Horseman and his horses are in charge of all our gear and will always await us within the safe and comfortable camp sites. 
Our horsemen are hired from the areas where the trekking route goes and therefore have extensive knowledge of the area. 
Besides trekking and camping gear every horse carries a total of 40 kg of guest's belongings.
You will have a personal allowance of 7kg/165lb for your gear....More info.



Our 7D/6N Salkantay & Inca Trail Trek includes extra horse to carry up to 7kg/16lbs of your belongings.

PRICE: USD $1000.00 Per Person

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