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Inca Trail Availability

Inca Trail Availability December 2019

Inca Trail classic 4 days


Quickly see if your preferred dates are available for Inca Trail Permits for the 4, 2, & 7-day Inca Trail trek.

Hiking the Inca Trail requires a SERNANP & GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PERMIT obtained by a licensed Inca Trail Tour Operator—like Salkantay Trekking.

The government will only release 500 permits to start the Inca Trail each day, and EVERYONE needs a permit (even professional crew!), so tickets sell fast. It is imperative to book these treks 3-5 months in advance.

1 389 Book now
2 311 Book now
3 257 Book now
4 226 Book now
5 350 Book now
6 276 Book now
7 301 Book now
8 383 Book now
9 215 Book now
10 327 Book now
11 240 Book now
12 309 Book now
13 356 Book now
14 361 Book now
15 331 Book now
16 243 Book now
17 218 Book now
18 120 Book now
19 245 Book now
20 214 Book now
21 208 Book now
22 87 Book now
23 86 Book now
24 111 Book now
25 50 Book now
26 0 Sold Out
27 0 Sold Out
28 0 Sold Out
29 0 Sold Out
30 90 Book now
31 165 Book now

In this section you can check the availability of the trail provided by the Ministry of Culture. Here some information should take into account:

  • The month of February is rainy season so the Ministry closes the Inka Trail.
  • The availability we use is the same to any other agency, because this information is directly provided by the Ministry of Culture.
  • The number of spaces is very variable. Agencies usually book up to 30 spaces, do not be surprised if in a moment the available spaces are sold out.
  • Availability is exclusively administered by the Ministry of Culture. Only they can manage and authorize the access to the Inka Trail.
  • The Inka Trail is enabled only for 500 spaces per day, within which includes staff spaces.

Why Book with Us?

Salkantay Trekking pioneered trek-based adventures over ten years ago, and we remain committed to small, low-impact groups keen to not just see, but experience our range of remote destinations.

Expert Guides

Expert Guides

Our expedition staff are experienced, enthusiastic and among the best in the industry - they are our secret to success.

Small Groups & Big Adventures

Small Groups & Big Adventures

Travelling with us will always feel like going with friends and not with a group of strangers in an organized tour.

Our Experience

Our Experience

With ten years’ experience and over 25 Packages to Machu Picchu alone, our team knows how to deliver a successful expedition.

Fantastic meals

Fantastic Meals

The food is one of the most important things on the trek, we bring balance, and nutritive food along the trail, most of our meals are buffet with.

Environmental Sensitivity

Environmental Sensitivity

Education and conservation are our passion. We aim to create lifelong ambassadors for the protection of all wilderness areas.

Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

When renting a camping tent or renting a backpack from Salkantay Trekking Company, you are renting camping gear and backpacking.

TripAdvisor Profile - Janine
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Good Operators

I did 3 tours with them: rainbow mountain, salcantay trekking and sacred valley. All of them were good organized, we had skilled guides and the prices was fair. Thank you for those lovely experiences.

TripAdvisor Profile - Catherine B
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5D4N Salkantay Trail

I recently did the 5D4N trek and everything was incredible. Our guide, Simba, was the absolute best! His energy kept everyone motivated, his laugh kept everyone smiling, and his morning wake up calls got us all going! If I could bring Simba on all future treks I would!


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